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Raditeq B.V. is a commercial company based in the Netherlands and internationally active. Raditeq specializes in research and development of EMC/RF measurement equipment.

The company was originally founded May 1st, 1992 under the name DARE. The new name "Raditeq" was officially launched the November 16th, 2020. Raditeq has a strong focus on RF and especially EMC. Since the release of the first product – RadiMation® – in 1995 Raditeq has an acquired a strong position in the EMC marketplace. This position has been further improved with the introduction of its first product the RadiSense® in 1999. After that several products and breakthroughs were introduced in a rapid pace. Products including the RadiPower®, RadiGen® and RadiField®.

The name Raditeq is a combination of Radiation, Technology and Quality. These aspects not only makeup the name Raditeq but are also in line with the key values of Raditeq:

Raditeq uses technical knowledge to enable innovation in the EMC test & Measurements arena to provide software and equipment with the best quality allowing our customers to perform accurate, efficient and effective EMC/RF measurements.

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