New Fujikura 90S+ Core Alignement Fusion Splicer

Fujikura 90s_1

Fujikura Ltd is proud to announce the latest evolution in the development of the fusion splicer with the launch of the NEW 90S+.

For more than 30 years Fujikura has been at the leading edge of fusion splicer design, development and manufacture and has become widely recognised as a world class leader in the fusion splicer field.

The 90S is packed with a whole host of new and enhanced features specifically developed with the objective to enable the user to work faster with higher precision.

Overall splice process time has been significantly reduced against the 70S+. This has been achieved with a combination of improvements to the reaction time of the automated wind protectors and automated heater, new fibre retention clamps, improved universal sheath clamps and a redesigned internal structure that matches the protection sleeve position to the fusion splice point which enables splicing to be achieved without the need of the user to touch the 90S once the process has started.

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Fujikura 90S

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