Shape Robotics Fable Go

Shape Robotics Fable

Fable Go: Educational modular robots for STEAM learning

The Shape Robotics Fable is a modular educational robotic system designed to indtroduce students to programming concepts in a hands-on, interactive manner. Fable Go lets the students create mobile robots that can be remotely controlled and used for soccer, ploughing or more complex movements. Fable can be assembled in just a few seconds, with the rest of the time being used by students to program in Blockly, Python or JavaScript. With Fable, students can work on multidisciplinary projects. The complexity of the projects increases with the addition of numerous 3D printed accessories. The presence of light, colour and proximity sensors makes it easier to find solutions to real problems.

Fable is an essential tool in the research and innovation process. Teachers and students can explore advanced robotics concepts as well as create their on robotic functionality and behaviours. With the FableFace app, the robotic system acquires humanoid traits, and is able to transmit sounds and emotions. This allows students to program the robot to engage in assistive activitie in areas such as tourism, education, medicine, etc.


  • Experiment with complex movement and geometry
  • Create algorithms to play robotic soccer