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VeEX® develops innovative test and measurement solutions for next-generation communication equipment and networks. Founded in April 2006 by test and measurement industry veterans, VeEX products blend advanced technology and vast technical expertise with the discerning measurement needs of customers.

Ethernet/IP – RXT®, TX, MTTplus and MTX products help service providers, equipment manufacturers and installers perform efficient QoE assessment and SLA QoS validation of Ethernet business services, Ethernet backhaul, and packet transport networks. Test interface rates ranging from Fast Ethernet to 400 Gigabit Ethernet, coupled with V-SAM, RFC2544, RFC6349, and broadband speedtest applications address all aspects of converged IP networking.

Fiber optics – VeEX Fiber Optics solutions are optimized for P2P, xWDM, FTTx/PON, and C-RAN/FTTA. VeEX FX, MTTplus, RXT, TX products and fiber accessories are used in OSP or service activation/verification. Whether it’s Voice, Video, Internet or Data services, VeEX solutions test Transport, Metro and Access networks including the internal fiber network.

Transport – RXT, TX, MTTplus and MTX products offer the widest range of legacy and next-generation transmission test capabilities from Nx64 kbps to 400 Gbps condensed into the industry’s smallest form factor. PDH/T-Carrier, SDH/SONET, OTN, Ethernet and Fiber Channel test functions can all be integrated via scalable hardware and software options ensuring a single “future-proof” multi-service test platform.

NEMs - VeEX is focused on serving the Network Equipment Manufacturers (NEMs) segment effectively with its complete product line aimed at testing within the NEMs specific environment and test cycle. We have a product for every testing group and depending on which phase of the testing cycle, a specific solution for qualifying the equipment within the R&D department, field turn up testing or post sales troubleshooting.

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