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Syes successfully manufactures broadcasting equipment since over 30 years.

From Low to High power, Air and Liquid cooled Multiple standard analog and digital TV Transmitters, WIDE BAND ULTRA HIGH EFFICIENCY Broadcasting Transmitters, MFN/SFN integrated solutions, Gap fillers with automatic Echo Cancelling with unique input diversity kit, Multichannel systems, HIGH CAPACITY microwave links, complete antenna systems (COEL).

These are Syes lines of product. These are Syes instruments to make your business work.

Headquarters in Italy with facilities in Miami (USA), Hong Kong (China), Obninsk (Russia).

Relevant experience
Delivered over 16.000 transmitters, 5.000 microwave links, 1.500 antenna systems , plus hundreds of integrated systems and thousands of engineered broadcasting stations.
Present and acknowledged Member of DVB; ISO 9001:2008 and GOST certified

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