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Festo Didactic Training Systems

Festo Didactic is the world-leading equipment and solution provider for technical education. The product and service portfolio offers solutions for rapid learning and retention in the entire spectrum of automation technologies: pneumatics, electropneumatics, hydraulics, electrohydraulics, electronics, electrical and mechanical engineering, sensors, robotics, telecommunications, CNC technology, PLC and fieldbus technology, information technology, electric power and controls, instrumentation and process control, refrigeration and air conditioning, automation and mechatronics, family and consumer sciences, and project-based learning.

Festo Didactic supplies educational institutions and industries with learning factories, laboratory equipment, training programmes, computer-based learning systems, web-based learning systems, simulation training software and modular multimedia educational programs. They qualify people in appropriate learning environments to be sufficiently competent and flexible to immediately start work in production processes and other industrial contexts and to contribute to the productivity of industrial companies.

Lab-Volt and Festo Didactic signed and closed an acquisition agreement on June 20, 2014. Lab-Volt is now conducting business as Festo Didactic, part of the Festo Group. Both product portfolios of Lab-Volt and Festo Didactic will be available for dealers and customers worldwide from one source. Lab-Volt's range of products is referred to as "LabVolt Series".

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