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Wavecontrol with over 20 years’ experience, designs and develops RF safety and EMF safety equipment and professional instruments for measurement, monitoring and evaluation of human exposure to electromagnetic fields.Wavecontrol all products

Wavecontrol’s range of products includes Field Strength Meters for EMF exposure, RF and LF Personal Monitors for human exposure to EMF, EMF monitoring devices for continuous monitoring of electromagnetic fields, both indoor and outdoor, and a wide variety of Field Probes which cover frequencies from DC up to 60 GHz

Some Indicative products of Wavecontrol.

The SMP3 Field Strength Meter is the only device that offers genuine 3-in-1 functionalities: broadband measurements (DC to 60 GHz), frequency spectrum analysis (DC to 10 MHz) and static field measurements.

The SMP3 field meter provides the most advanced features and technology on the market, designed for users who need high-quality measurements, ease of use and good reporting tools.
Monitor EM
MonitEM Continuous EMF monitor is a device for continuous monitoring of electromagnetic fields. For example, MonitEM allows for continuous monitoring of levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields (non-ionising radiation, NIR) generated by telecommunication facilities or other sources of radiation.
It Provides 24/7 monitorin, Guaranteed autonomy with the “Smart Energy” function (AC + solar panel + battery)
- Broadband measurements: Up to 3 kHz in LF and 60 GHz in HF
- IP 66 environmental protection: Resistant to extreme weather conditions
- Compliance with ITU-T K.83: Direct, easy and comprehensible comparison with regulated limits

WaveMon Personal Monitors
The WaveMon Family consists of RF and LF Personal Monitors for human exposure to EMF and Personal safety. Wavemon app
With WaveMon products at your side your are ensured that you do not find yourself in situations of overexposure to electromagnetic fields.
WaveMon will warn you visually, acoustically and by vibration, and will keep track of your history of exposure for later evaluation, so that you do not have to be concerned and you can concentrate on your work.

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