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PCB troubleshooting with ABI BoardMaster

ABI Electronics is a leading supplier, with more than 30 years experience, of developing the highest quality test, measurement and fault-finding equipment backed by a global reputation for its quality and support services.

ABI Electronics Ltd is the world’s leading supplier of specialist electronic test and measurement equipment, and a renowned contract electronics manufacturer. All ABI products are designed and manufactured at its premises in Yorkshire, UK and have been exported all over the globe for over 35years.

ABI brought to the international market the BoardMaster; an advanced diagnostic solution at an affordable price for both large companies and small organizations, which provided a previously unseen level of fault diagnosis capabilities. Today, the BoardMaster is a highly popular fault diagnostic and repair solution amongst blue chip companies like Samsung, Nasa, Alstom, Lego, Lockheed Martin and many others, as well as independent industrial repair organisations that provide an invaluable service to key industries internationally by keeping critical assets going and reducing E-waste.

ABI has almost 40 years’ experience in developing testing and fault-finding equipment of the highest quality and are backed by a global reputation of excellent quality and long-standing, exceptional service to all our customers. ABI is certified in accordance with ISO 9001-2018, and we pride ourselves in our ongoing commitment to quality, professional fulfilment of duties and constant expansion and development.

Design for repair, train for repair! Introducing RepairDontWaste.com

Design for repair, train for repair! Introducing RepairDontWaste.com

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