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Meinberg was founded in 1979 and today the company is a global technologyMeinberg leader with more than 90 employees developing and manufacturing time and frequency synchronization systems for modern industrial applications worldwide.

The objective of Meinberg is complete customer satisfaction, and Meinberg is committed to delivering the highest level of quality, technical innovation, and flexibility in all Meinberg products and services.

Meinberg products are comprised of high quality components and modules, acting as flexible functional blocks that can be combined and configured to address the most varied and complex customer requirements.

This adaptable, innovative approach to product management is well-established in the LANTIME NTP Time Servers series, and today adds impact to the recently launched Intelligent Modular Synchronization (IMS) product line.

IMS solutions are focused on the growing field of synchronization technologies, offering a range of high performance timing solutions for networks of any size and industry.

Meinberg also offers a broad spectrum of proven GPS receivers, WWVB, DCF77 (PZF) and MSF radio clocks, bus-level timing cards and associated accessories.

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