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Fremco is an innovative 100% Danish company. Since the mid 90's Fremco specializes in the development and production of fiber blowing machines of exquisite quality. This means that Fremco today offers a range of products covering all dimensions of fibers/Cables and ducts.

Fremco continuing to develop the best products in close collaboration with customers, duct manufacturers and cable manufacturers worldwide. This happens because Fremco want to offer the best and most user-friendly solutions. Over the past two decades, Fremco also accumulated a huge specialized knowledge of blowing techniques. Concurrently, Fremco through close cooperation with leading suppliers developed a specified range of accessories, so Fremco can offer total solution: "Your Best Solution."

Fremco now offers service agreements with extended warranty covering your Fremco machine. It is available for your new machine, giving you the possibility to plan your budget easily with no unexpected surprises.

The Fremco service agreement gives you control of operational costs and minimum possible downtime because you can have a loan unit during downtime.
It is only available in EU countries (unless otherwise is agreed with Fremco). For countries that are not in the EU, a 12-month factory warranty is available.

Fremco offers three extended warranty-packages for the end customer:

Indicative products of Fremco (click on a product's title for details):

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