Fluke Networks DSX Trade-in Promotion

DSX Trade in Promo

Trade Up to the Future of Certification and get up to € 6.000,- discount

You can’t be productive with tools from the past. That’s why, after fourteen years, service and calibration for the DTX Series will end in June 2018. Join the thousands of contractors moving to the future with Versiv. Versiv delivers a 2/3 reduction in certification costs and 10% more to your bottom line.

Upgrade to Versiv with a gift from Fluke Networks - up to € 3.000,- discount if you trade-in your old DTX.

If you have a current DTX Gold agreement, get an extra incentive: up to € 6.000,- discount if you trade-in your old DTX latest on March 31st, 2018.

For more information please call Netscope Solutions at 210 27 24 107