Intec Argus 152 ADSL + VDSL Combi tester


Compact, lightweight and robust: The ARGUS 152 multifunction tester (ADSL tester, VDSL tester) checks interfaces and services quickly and reliably – and at a very reasonable price! VDSL2, ADSL, Ethernet, ISDN (BRI S/T/U) and POTS, as well as the physical condition of the local loop, can be easily tested without having to swap modules.

A new high-quality ADSL/VDSL chipset with improved efficiency ensures that the ARGUS 152 delivers high-performance testing and rapid analysis. In addition to resistance, capacitance and voltage measurement, the ARGUS 152 features, when using its Gigabit Ethernet interface, an optional HTTP download, which enables speeds at more than 200 Mbit/s on the protocol level. The ARGUS 152’s optional Ethernet cabling tests make it possible to detect shorts, opens or mismatches, but also the delay or polarity of the wire pairs, among other things.