Netally CyberScope™ Handheld Cyber Security Tool

Netally Cyberscope

Netally CyberScope™ Handheld Cyber Security Tool

The Netally CyberScope™ offers comprehensive cyber security risk assessment, analysis and reporting for the site access layer in a single, powerful, portable tool – including endpoint and network discovery, wireless security, vulnerability assessment (Nmap), and segmentation and provisioning validation.

As a ruggedized, purpose-built all-in-one tool, CyberScope is a network security solution that eliminates the use of fragile laptops and tablets. With multiple functions, it provides fast, actionable insights on-prem into your site networks, filling the critical visibility gaps that other cybersecurity tools frequently do not address.


  • A handy, portable yet powerful tool
  • Withstands a 1-meter drop!
  • Remote Analysis capability
  • Smart hands (collaboration)
  • Purpose-built hardware
  • Ensures repeatable, consistent test patterns
  • Expandable storage
  • Leverage 3rd party apps
  • USB port for accessories
  • AutoTest for single button operation
  • Visibility through layers 1 to 7