VeEX RXT-6402 Advanced Dual 400G Multi-service Test Module

VeEX RXT-6402

VeEX RTX 6402 Dual 400G Module

The VeEX RXT-6400 family has been the leading test solution for portable 400G testing. The VeEX RXT-6402 expands its applications and flexibility. Equipped dual test ports to support all common optical transceiver form-factors, AOCs and DACs, this module is a perfect complement to the RXT Platform, extending its testing range to 2x400 Gbps and offering an upgrade path to all-in-one 400GE multi-service testing.

The VeEX RXT 6402 Dual 400GE Tester supports:

  • 2x400GE concurrent testing capabilities
  • Offers dual ports for all pluggable optics form factors, required for AOC/DAC, fan-out and wrap-around tests (from 10M to 400GE)
  • Up to four concurrent and independent tests
  • Native QSFP-DD, QSFP56, SFP-DD, and SFP56 PAM4 hardware for best-in-class signal integrity (no adapters required).
  • Supports testing for all common form factors, including QSFP-DD, QSFP56, SFP-DD, and SFP56 transceivers, DACs,AOCs, network equipment and 400GE links.
  • Wide range of supported 400GE interfaces, including 400GBASE-SR8, FR8, LR8, DR4, FR4, LR4, CR8, CR4 and 400ZR/ZR+.
  • Dedicated QSFP-DD head cooling fans (field replaceable) to optimize operating temperature verification of high-power class transceivers, such as ZR/ZR+
  • All-in-one solution with common legacy test interfaces.

RXT-6402 2x400G Multi-Service Test Set Update