Keysight M8199A Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Keysight M8199A AWG

Keysight M8199A Arbitrary Waveform Generator 128 / 256 GSa/sec

The world’s fastest AWG

Keysight’s new M8199A 256 GSa/s AWG provides research engineers a high performing signal source for arbitrary signals, enabling development of designs that push beyond the current limitations.

Keysight’s M8199A 256 GSa/s AWG delivers twice the sampling rate of any AWG on the market today, coupled with at least 50 percent more analog bandwidth.

Main Applications:

  • Coherent Transmission -> Pathfinding with highest transmission rates 144 Gbaud QAM 16, alpha = 0.05
  • Direct RF Signal Generation -> 71 GHz center frequency Modulation bandwidth: 1 GHz, QAM 64, EVM < 1%
  • Direct Detection, Pathfinding -> 224 Gbps, 56 Gbaud PAM16
  • Physics / General-Purpose Research -> i.e.: Ultra-short pulses with 3.5 ps rise-time
  • Arbitrary waveform shape with high resolution

Key Specifications:

  • 2 channels at 256 GSa/s, 65 GHz nominal bandwidth
  • 4 channels at 128 GSa/s, 65 GHz nominal bandwidth
  • Up to 80 GHz useable bandwidth with roll-off calibration
  • Low intrinsic jitter (< 60 fs) ensures high signal integrity
  • Adjustable channel-to-channel skew is more flexible with down to 15 fs of resolution
  • Brand-new Keysight custom technology ensures highest signal quality and maximum flexibility

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