Bitbrain Versatile EEG Portable and wireless semi-dry EEG cap

Bitbrain Versatile EEG

These all-purpose semi-dry EEG caps with 8, 16, 32 and 64 channels are mobile EEG devices for real-time recording. They are designed for versatile monitoring in a wide range of environments, providing great comfort to the researcher and freedom of movement to the user. Its water-based EEG electrodes can be placed in any position or the predefined layout within 10/20 and 10/10 international system, and have been developed with highly stable contacts and active shields that allow reliable and precise monitoring even in ambulatory conditions or in the presence of electromagnetic noise.

Its ease of use and comfort, together with a quick placement that does not require any electrolytic gels to be applied, open a large number of possibilities for use both in the laboratory and in outpatient out-of-laboratory research applications.

Versatile EEG comes with the Bitbrain Software Kit for signal acquisition and programming, which has a large compatibility with real-time I/O and third-party data processing (LSL, Matlab, Python, BCI2000, OpenVibe, etc). Also, by acquiring the Human Behaviour Research Lab, it can be performed a seamless synchronisation with other human monitoring technologies such as ExG, GSR, eye-trackers, among many others.


  • Mobile and wireless
  • Versatile layout
  • Practical technology
  • Outstanding usability
  • Reliable semi-dry EEG monitoring
  • High software compatibility

Versatile EEG 16 - Mobile and wireless semi-dry EEG with 16 channels tutorial set up