Bitbrain Diadem Wearable dry-EEG headset

Bitbrain Diadem

Diadem is a portable EEG headset designed for real-world applications that require great comfort and unobtrusiveness for the user and an agile setup and outstanding signal quality for the researcher. Developed with 12 dry EEG electrodes over specific brain areas, it is optimised to estimate emotional and cognitive states (pre-frontal, frontal, parietal and occipital brain areas). Its high-performance active shielding and stable mechanical design provide outstanding robustness and EEG signal quality, even with movement or during long recording periods.

Owing to its refined usability, this dry electrode EEG headset can be easily self-placed in less than 2 minutes by the final user, or assisted by either technical or non-technical experts. This feature, in combination with its great comfort and reliability, is opening the door to neuroscience research in real-world applications and real-life brain-computer interface products operated everywhere by final users, families or assistants.

Diadem comes with the Bitbrain Software Kit for EEG signal acquisition, processing, and programming, which has a large compatibility with real-time I/O and third-party data processing (LSL, Matlab, Python, BCI2000, OpenVibe, etc). Also, by acquiring the Human Behaviour Research Lab, it can be performed a seamless synchronisation with other human monitoring technologies such as ExG, GSR, eye-trackers, among many others.


  • Wearable and portable
  • Outstanding usability
  • Optimised EEG sensor placement
  • Robust dry-EEG monitoring
  • Practical technology
  • High software compatibility

Diadem dry EEG headset self placement