Fujikura FSM 100P+ Speciality Splicers

Fujikura FSM 100P+

ArcMaster FSM-100M+ and 100P+

Fujikura's new specialty splicers FSM-100M+ and FSM-100P+ are able to splice various type of specialty fibers, such as photonic crystal fibers (PCF), holey structured fibers and X-LDF (Extra Large Diameter Fibers) up to 1200 micron clad diameter thanks to patented 'Split V-groove' fiber clamping system. FSM-100P+ can align polarization maintaining (PM) fibers using interrealtion profile alignment (IPA) and End view systems.

The Fujikura FSM-100 series sets the standard for fusion splicing with a multitude of new features designed to make splicing easier. Dual LCD monitors provide enhanced data and graphical information that is user-selectable during each stage of the splicing process. The units are designed with the needs for production, and are suitable for the most popular production workstations.
The cleaved ends of the optical fiber can be observed in the axial direction by a means of a mirror that directs the fiber-end image into the camera system. This allows precise alignment of uniquely structured fibers, such as PM fibers, multi core or non-circular fibers.
Large diameter fibers up to 1200 micron cladding diameter can be spliced with air-cooled electrodes that oscillate up/down during splicing.
The FSM-100M+ and FSM-100P+ have two electrode positioning techniques in order to provide unprecedented versatility for each specialty fiber. The special arc calibration technology facilitates an easy transfer of high end splicing applications from R&D to production by ensuring consistent performance and takes full advantage of 'Plasma-zone' capabilities.
With a new fiber imaging technology, Interrelation Profile Alignment (IPA), alignment and splicing capabilities are possible with virtually any PM fiber type.

Ideal for Aerospace and Defence, Fiber Optic Component and Equipment
Manufacturing, Medical, Oil and Gas industries


  • End view fiber observation system
  • X-LDF (Extra Large Diameter Fiber) splicing
  • Patented "Split V-groove" clamping system
  • Optimum "Plasma Zone" fiber positioning for specialty fiber
  • Short cleave length (3mm) capability
  • Special arc calibration function for large diameter fiber application
  • Dual splice loss estimation methods analyzing warm splice image (WSI) and cold splice image (CSI)
  • Enhanced sweep arc, maximum 18mm
  • Internet firmware update capability
  • Production environment friendly design
  • Zero degree fiber holder position for splicing LDF
  • Fiber profile learning function
  • Dual PM alignment method (FSM-100P+ only)