Rycom 8869v3 Cable & Pipe Locator

RYCOM 8869

Rycom 8869 V3 Cable & Pipe Locator - Pathfinder Locating System

The 8869v3 Pathfinder Locating System is a proven instrument for locating utilities within the most demanding of locating environments. From crowded easements to long runs of pipe, the 8869v3 Pathfinder is a dependable and economical locate package. The 8869v3 cable & pipe locator offers utility locators FrequencyFlex™ allowing users to adapt the system to their specific needs. Multiple active frequencies allow the user to accurately locate with a minimum of "ghosting" to adjacent lines while maintaining the ability continue locating past faults and poor utility conductors. Passive frequencies identify "live" and charged lines by their naturally occurring electromagnetic fields. The 8869v3 offers multiple passive frequencies 50Hz, 60Hz, Radio Frequency, Cathodic Protection Rectifier & CATV allowing line locating without the use of a transmitter.

Transmitter functions include improved transmitter induction and automatic impedance matching when using direct connection. All functions are accessed via weather-proof membrane buttons and both user input and transmitter status are verified with audible responses. Whether using direct connection, induction mode, or coupler induction the 8869v3 is ideal for all three methods of signal application. The ergonomically designed and balanced 8869v3 receiver provides instant push-button depth up to 25 feet and current measurement to identify the target utility in crowded easements. Audible proximity cues to the tracing signal are given to the user through either peak or null tones while the backlit digital display provides both relative and actual signal strength.

The 8869v3 can quickly and simply locate line faults when used with the optional "A-frame" GRP (ground return probe). As the operator moves towards the fault the receiver will respond with rapidly peaking signal. When the "A-frame" is placed directly over the fault, the receiver will provide a null response.

Conduit pinches can be located using the optional Sonde accessory. Operating on active frequencies of 512Hz, 640Hz, 815 Hz, 8 kHz, and 33kHz, Rycom Instruments® Sondes are pushed into non-pressurized conduits and pipes until they reach the point of pinch or blockage. Traceable 25 feet in the air and 10 feet in cast iron, the 8869-RF receiver will identify the precise location of the line blockage.