Hioki 3157 AC Grounding HiTESTER

Hioki 3157

Protective Ground Tester Indispensable for Standards Certification

The Hioki 3157 is an AC ground bond tester designed for protection circuit testing of a wide range of electrical equipment, including industrial machinery, medical equipment, and measuring instruments using a constant current system, enabling it to provide stable output current.

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Easily perform protective continuity testing in compliance with international safety standards and laws
  • Protective continuity resistance measurement for medical devices and general electrical devices
  • Ground connectivity testing when installing electrical machine tools and distribution panels
  • Testing of protective grounding and isopotential grounding work for medical equipment
  • Evaluation of contact status using large currents
  • Feedback control system that is capable of applying a stable current even with a fluctuating load
  • Soft-start function that checks the connection to the device under test before applying the current