Hioki MR6000 Memory HiCORDER

Hioki MR6000

Highest Measurement Capabilities and Fastest Transfer Rate in History

The MR6000 overcomes all barriers to reach new ground and meet challenges that are yet to be seen. World class specifications, operability and design - Hioki’s newest memory recorder has been re-engineered from top to bottom, delivering unprecedented performance that will change how you look at waveform recording.

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Work efficiently and intuitively using the MR6000’s large touch panel
  • Capture momentary phenomena by performing isolation measurement at up to 200 MS/s (when using the High Speed Analog Unit U8976)
  • Enjoy a stress-free user experience thanks to dramatically faster saving of data
  • Save data in real time while measurement continues.
  • Take advantage of new functionality added by the latest firmware update (April 2020)

Hioki MR6000 Memory HiCorder - Measure inverter and switching power supply signals with direct input