Cascade Microtech MPS150 Probing Station

Cascade Microtech MPS150

The MPS150 is a very cost-effective and easy to use, yet highly-precise manual probe system for wafers and substrates up to 150 mm. It supports a wide variety of applications such as I-V/C-V, RF, mm-Wave and sub-THz measurements, device characterization, failure analysis (FA), submicron probing, MEMS, optoelectronic engineering tests and more. Its stable platen is designed to accommodate up to sixteen positioners, providing a function similar to a probe card for special wafer-level reliability (WLR) applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexibility – Multiple options available for easy reconfiguration and upgrades for a wide range of applications
  • Stability – Rigid microscope bridge and solid station frame with built-in vibration-isolation solution for superior vibration attenuation
  • Ease-of-use - Ergonomic and straightforward design for comfortable and easy and simple operation