ABI BoardMaster

ABI BoardMaster


The ABI BoardMaster Rack Universal Diagnostic System is a uniquely versatile, self-contained and easy-to-use test system. It offers the most comprehensive set of test instruments for fault-finding on almost any kind of PCB. As the product of choice to companies operating in rail transport, aerospace, military, automotive, telecoms and a range of other industrial sectors, the BoardMaster is ABI's top of the range solution that saves customers time and money, increases asset availability and reliability.

With the full range of instruments and a variety of test methods guaranteeing the best possible fault coverage, the BoardMaster 19" Rack provides the ultimate in diagnostic tools.

The BoardMaster Rack comes complete with ABI's multi-license and user friendly SYSTEM 8 Ultimate Software preinstalled. Customers are guaranteed to receive FREE software updates for life and will not be charged for additional seats or maintenance fees.


  • TestFlow manager, ABI's unique interactive programmable test sequence organiser
  • Automated testing and troubleshooting
  • Digital functional test (in- and out-of-circuit)
  • Analogue functional test (ICs and discrete devices)
  • Graphical test generator
  • Live comparison
  • Digital and analogue V-I test (2D & 3D)
  • Analogue matrix V-I
  • Digital IC identifier
  • EPROM verifier
  • Short locator
  • Digital oscilloscope, digital multimeter, arbitrary function generator, frequency/event counter, universal I/O
  • Programmable power supply

BoardMaster Video

Electronic test, fault analysis and troubleshooting with ABI's BoardMaster #Repairdontwaste

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