ABI Sectors

ABI Applications


ABIs has major presence within the rail sector spanning from Brazil to Korea to Australia. The BoardMaster along with ABIs other solutions have been tried and tested on electronic systems within rail. Korail is an ideal example, with 2 BoardMasters acquired in less than two years, used at their rolling stock repair depot.

You can read further on this case through this link


The Energy sector is a demanding field when it comes to repairs. The time constraints and complexity of systems means that operatives must be well equipped when conducting a diagnosis.

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Working with Defence, be it Airforce or Naval, ABI assisted majorly in the maintenance, repair, overhaul and upgrade of critical electronics.

See how British MoD use both the BoardMaster and RevEng in identifying component-level faults "that no other system would"


50 hours to 10 minutes! That is how much time ABI has saved the Collins Aerospace MRO division. Our solutions can work effectively across all sectors and all systems, working on Line Replaceable Units in airlines to electronics within fixed wing aircrafts.

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