Lucas Neulle Field Programmable Gate Array "FPGA"

Lucas Neulle Field Programmable Gate Array

Field Programmable Gate Array "FPGA"

Over the course of the last few years, the computing power of electronic systems has grown at an exponential rate, while the circuitry has been getting smaller and smaller. As a result of such developments, it is now possible to provide even complex and demanding technical functionality in an easily portable housing. The beginning of this "technical revolution" was marked by the introduction of standard components. However, since they were only able to provide a limited number of functions, it was necessary to connect multiple components together to accomplish more complex tasks. PLDs (programmable logic devices) are the solution to this problem, in particular field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). With the aid of such logic circuits, it is now possible to implement highly complex functionality with a minimum of wiring.

Training systems on microcomputer technology based on UniTrain

  • Microcontroller trainer, computer trainer, microprocessor trainer
  • Intel, Microchip and ARM processors
  • FPGA Lattice XP2 and Altera Cyclone IV
  • Integrated development environment, modular component system for experiments