Lucas Neulle UniTrain

Lucas Neulle UniTrain

UniTrain System

The Lucas Neulle UniTrain is a multimedia e-learning system with integrated, mobile electronics lab for general education and advanced
training in electrical engineering and electronics.


  • Computer-based training and experimentation system for vocational and further training and education
  • Multimedia combines cognitive and hands-on (haptic) training units into a comprehensive unified concept
  • Areas of basic and advanced electrical engineering, electronics and automotive technology
  • Enabling students to acquire skills in the handling of equipment
  • Wide range of multimedia courses available for study in school or in professional and advanced training
  • Self-contained and usable anywhere at any time
  • Multimedia learning environment with high degrees of motivation
  • Maximum learning effectiveness in laboratories, at work or at home
  • Guarantor for effective and efficient study
  • Instruments with virtual display together with experiment hardware
  • LabSoft, an open experiment delivery platform
  • Courses teach the theoretical building blocks and provide experiments
  • Intelligent measurement interface supplies analog and digital measuring and control I/O
  • High quality item of laboratory equipment with virtual instruments
  • Students' progress monitored and electronically documented on the basis of fault finding experiments
  • Faults simulated by the hardware as well as tests of knowledge

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