Promax HD Ranger 2 Touch screen field strength meter


HD Ranger 2
The HD RANGER 2 features a new 7” touch screen with excellent brightness and superior image sharpness that can also be used wearing gloves.
The hybrid operation of the HD RANGER 2 allows the equipment to be fully operated using both the touch panel and the conventional keyboard.
HD RANGER 2 features all HD RANGER+ functions (including all second-generation DVB standards) plus IPTV input, Common Interface (CAM) for encrypted channels, HDMI interface and TS-ASI input/output.
Optical measurements and 3 GHz band extension can also be included as an option, thus converting the HD RANGER 2 in an all-purpose field strength meter.

Digital Standards

  • DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-T2 lite
  • DVB-C, DVB-C2, QAM Annex B/C
  • DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-S2 multistream