Polytec RSV-150 Remote Sensing Vibro


The detection of vibration and displacement on distant structures, machine parts and buildings can now be achieved quickly and effortlessly.

The RSV-150 Remote Sensing Vibrometer is designed for point-and-shoot condition monitoring and testing the dynamics of structures from a distance.
Its advanced laser Doppler interferometer technology saves time by avoiding contact sensor installation and is readily applied to any vibration measurement task.

The intrinsic high optical sensitivity and a very good signal-to-noise ratio on all technical and organic surfaces can be transferred into the lab using close-up lenses.

Lab use with close-up lens
High optical sensitivity – very good signal-to-noise ratio on all technical and organic surfaces
- Wide bandwidth up to 2 MHz (20MHz on request) - for NDT measurements
- pm resolution – reveals spectral content
- High speed - 24 m/s velocity for drop and impact experiments
- Stabilized laser allows for precise displacement measurements
- Visible pilot laser and inline camera for easy setup also on small objects

Remote Sensing
- Long range > 300 m on many surfaces - allows for remote access to hazardous areas
- In-line video camera - full visual control and easy targeting
- µm resolution on long distances- reveals the tiniest displacements
- Wide bandwidth up to 25 kHz - enables condition monitoring e.g. of gearboxes
- Class 2 laser - safe operation without laser safety restrictions
- Easy setup in minutes and point-and-shoot operation – no cabling or measurement point preparation
- Works for most surface properties – effortless measurements on encrusted and dirty surfaces without prior cleaning e.g. in mining environments
- IP-63 sensor – designed for outdoor use