Polytec PSV-500 3D Scanning Vibrometer


Acquire and Analyze Vibrations in Three Dimensions

Polytec 3D Scanning Vibrometers are the state-of-the-art tools to quickly and accurately determine operating deflection shapes and Eigenmodes for structural vibration validation with reliable experimental data.

The H and M versions of the 3D system cover a frequency range up to 100 kHz or 2 MHz.

The turn-key modular rack system contains a Front-End, Data Management System and 3 Scanning Heads with tripod plus a wide range of optional accessories and PSV software package.

Main Features :

  • Reactionless Laser measurement
  • Full-field with high spatial resolution
  • Open-minded PSV software with open data and control interfaces
  • Upgradable to fully automated RoboVibĀ® Test Station
  • Wide range of accessories and software options