Hioki CT9557 Sensor Unit

Hioki CT9557

Hioki CT9557 Sensor Unit: Aggregate and measure large currents in multi-cable circuits

Hioki pass-through current sensors and clamp on current probes are best-in-class current sensing devices for use with power meters, Memory HiCorders and high performance oscilloscopes. The CT9557 is 4-channel sensor unit and power adapter for any of the CT686x series, 9709 and CT684x series current sensors and probes that provides waveform and RMS output.

Measure large currents and multi-cable circuits with aggregate functionality

Once a current sensor has been attached to each branch cable, the CT9557 adds the sensor signals together to create a total signal. Since the sensor unit can treat multiple sensors as a single sensor, the current can be measured using a single power meter.


  • Power supply for high-precision current sensors with waveform output functionality
  • Output a single waveform from an aggregate of input waveforms