Typhoon HIL604

Typhoon HL604

The most powerful HIL ever. With 8 processing cores, 64 analog outputs, 64 digital inputs and 8 lane gigabit/s serial link it is tailored for the most demanding Microgrid and power electronics controller test, verification, and pre-certification tasks.

Typhoon HIL604 real-time power electronics emulator is an ideal tool for development, testing, optimization, and quality assurance of grid connected converters (i.e. PV, wind, active filter), automotive converters, electric propulsion drives, micro-grids, and industry automation.

Main Features:

  • Unleash the newest 8-core processor HIL for real-time emulation of up to 8 converters.
  • Test your controller with 20 ns PWM resolution ultra-high fidelity HIL.
  • Emulate your power stage with up to 2 MHz update rate.
  • Quickly find problems and debug your controller with new Scope/Capture Function.
  • Dive into your signals with 1 Megapoint capture record length for all 64 channels.
  • Interface your controller via 64 analog outputs, 32 analog inputs, 64 digital inputs and 64 digital outputs.
  • Build converter models using our extensive library of power electronics components and prepackaged examples.
  • Automate testing with Python scripts for the most comprehensive control software testing.
  • Connect to host PC via USB2.0
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