Typhoon HIL dS Interface

Typhoon DS Interface type A+B

If you are using MicroLabBox for rapid control prototyping, you only need a HIL dS Interface (Type-A or Type-B) and one of our ultra-high fidelity real-time HIL emulators to start “test driving” your controller. Take advantage of our vast array of ultra-high-fidelity power electronics and electric motor models to validate the performance of your controller under any condition including faults.

The HIL dS Interface Type-B provides a pin-to-pin compatible interface between all Typhoon HIL emulators (4-Series and 6-Series) and the dSPACE’s MicroLabBox, top panel variant, as well DS1103 controllers.

In less than 5 minutes, connect your dSPACE hardware to a Typhoon HIL real-time emulator, map all the signals, and start running real-time simulation models with the closed loop control.​