HIL Launchpad Interface

Typhoon Launchpad

HIL Launchpad Interface provides a pin-to-pin compatible interface between Typhoon HIL emulators and C2000 series Launchpads. In less than 5 minutes you can plug a HIL Launchpad Interface to a Typhoon HIL real-time emulator, map the signals and run with a closed loop control.

You can now focus on DSP control code development, without worrying about schematic and PCB design. Analog outputs are also available to plug directly into an oscilloscope without any hassle.

HIL Launchpad Interface with HIL402 workstation offers engaging, highly interactive and fun approach to learning power electronics and digital controls applied to grid connected converters, motor drives, renewables, active filters and smart grid applications. Students quickly get immersed by first running pre-packaged controller code examples under different operating conditions including grid disturbances and faults.