Typhoon HIL DSP 180 Interface

Typhonn DSP 180

Typhoon HIL DSP 180 Interface built for a family of Texas Instruments C2000 control cards (F28377, F28379) is the way to go if you want to accelerate the development of power electronics applications. A plug-and-play, pin-to-pin compatible interface with Typhoon HIL family of real-time HIL emulators eliminates setup time and enables developers to focus on control code development in the comfort of their office.

Main Features:

  • Directly connect the HIL DSP Interface to any
  • Typhoon HIL emulator (no cables or external power supplies needed).
  • Compatible with: Delfino F28377 and F28379 control cards.
  • 64 TI control card pins connected to HIL.
  • Measurement terminals for monitoring all DSP and HIL signals.
  • JTAG connector.
  • CAN bus.
  • Optional external PSU for standalone use.