Typhoon HIL606

Typhoon HL606

Introducing the HIL606. Now you have the speed you love from our latest 4th generation devices together with the power of our 6-series, 8-core processors, balanced with the flexibility you require to connect to the devices you need.

Approach physical tests of your control system with confidence. With the speed of our latest 4th generation devices, together with the power of our 6 series, 8-core processors, you can control more high-fidelity models than ever before. And with new unique connectivity options, your controller won’t know the difference between your test models and the devices in the field, no matter your use case.

Main Features:

  • Upgrade in a flash with backwards compatibility
    for all devices and pin-to-pin compatibility
    with HIL604
  • Model converters at timesteps as fast as 200 ns
  • Down to 200 ns Analog Output update rate
  • 3.5 ns Gate Drive System (GDS) Oversampling
    on all Digital Inputs
  • Simulate your full microgrid with capacity for up
    to 24 Average Converter models
  • Built-in M.2 slot for long-term data storage
  • Unparalleled connectivity options:
    • 6 Ethernet ports, including 2 EtherCAT ports
    • 4 CAN ports, including 2 ports for flexible data rates (CAN FD)
    • 2 Quad-SFP (QSFP) ports