Typhoon HIL404

Typhoon HL404

The HIL404 is the fastest HIL product ever, with 200ns simulation time step and 3.5ns digital input sampling.

While automotive and aerospace industries have already adopted model based HIL testing, power electronics industry is only playing a catch up. The good news is that the 4th generation HIL delivers the unprecedented model fidelity needed for the most advanced motor drives and automotive power electronics applications.

User friendly and intuitive software is easy to use and master, even for first time users. Build your models and perform sophisticated test
scenarios, in the comfort of your office.

Main Features:

  • Down to 200ns time-step.
  • Down to 200ns Analog Output update rate.
  • 3.5ns GDS oversampling on all Digital Inputs.
  • Up to 4 processing cores.
  • Real-time emulation of non-linear machines
    with spatial harmonics.
  • Real-time emulation of semiconductor power
  • The most accurate Dual-Active Bridge (DAB)
    converter model.
  • JMAG-RT FEM electric machine model import.
  • HIL connectivity exploded: USB3.0, Ethernet, Gb/s serial link, JTAG, General Purpose
    IO (GPIO).