Hioki PW6001 Power Analyzer


Hioki Power Analyzer PW6001 is a best in class power measuring instrument for measuring single to three-phase lines with a high degree of precision and accuracy.

The PW6001 is Hioki’s flagship power analyzer, featuring high accuracy, wide band, and high stability for measuring electrical power from DC to inverter frequencies, providing 6 channels or maximum 12 channels by synchronizing two 6-channel models, to support single and three phase inverter motor system measurements and next generation devices such as silicon-carbide (SiC) inverters.

Key Features & Specifications:

  • Exclusive current sensor phase shift function lets you maintain accuracy even in high frequency, low power factor applications
  • Measurement items: Voltage (U), current (I), active power (P), apparent power (S), reactive power (Q), power factor (λ), phase angle (φ), frequency (f), efficiency (η), loss (Loss), voltage ripple factor (Urf), current ripple factor (Irf), current integration (Ih), power integration (WP), voltage peak (Upk), current peak (Ipk
  • Harmonic measurement: Harmonic active power, select calculation order from 2nd order to 100th order
  • Recording capacity: 1 Mword × ((voltage + current) × number of channels + motor waveforms)
  • Waveform recording: Voltage and current waveforms/ Motor pulse: Always 5 MS/s
  • Motor waveforms: Always 50 kS/s, 16 bits
  • Motor analysis option: Voltage, Torque, Rotation, Frequency, Slip, or Motor output
  • Voltage measurement unit: Photoisolated input, resistance voltage divider, Current measurement unit: Isolated input from current sensor
  • Basic accuracy of ±0.02% for power measurement
  • High noise resistance and stability (80 dB/100 kHz CMRR, ±0.01%/°C temperature characteristics)
  • Accurate measurement even when the load is characterized by large fluctuations; TrueHD 18-bit resolution
  • 10 ms data refresh while maintaining maximum accuracy (using a specially designed IC to make all measurements independently while performing simultaneous calculations.)
  • DC accuracy of ±0.07%, which is key for stable, accurate efficiency measurement
  • Wide frequency bandwidth of DC, or 0.1 Hz to 2 MHz
  • Achieve true frequency analysis with high-speed 5MS/s sampling (18 bit)
  • Synchronize 2 units for up to 12 channels in real time that can be connected with an optical connection cable
  • Special triggers to enable waveform analysis and motor analysis without the need for an oscilloscope
  • Wideband harmonic analysis up to the 100th order with a 1.5 MHz band

Hioki PW6001 Power Analyzer - 0.02% Accuracy Power Analysis to Test Inverter Efficiency