Innovative Solutions through Cutting-Edge Technology

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NetScope Solutions was established on March 2001 aiming to fulfill the increasing demand for cost effective specialized products and systems suitable for efficient troubleshooting, maintenance and management of telecommunication and data networks.

Today, NetScope Solutions is a fast growing organization and one of the most specialized companies in the Greek marketplace, offering a complete range of test and measurement products as well as operational support systems in cooperation with the biggest manufacturers worldwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide innovative measurement and operational support solutions based on cutting edge technology products and systems to the electronics and telecommunications market

Our Strategy

Modern technology markets are highly competitive and demand low cost, effective and high quality solutions for supporting network operations.
Netscope Solutions is a measurement and operational support systems value added distributor addressing this niche part of the telecom and datacom market.

Our strategy is to provide our customers with products, systems and services for efficient and cost effective installation, maintenance, operation and quality assurance of their networks
To expand our product and services portfolio in order to address the emerging needs and applications of our customers.

Our customers include all fixed and mobile operators, telecommunications equipment manufacturers, systems integrators, government and defence agencies, educational and research institutes,
We have developed strong competencies in test, measurement and operational support engineering as well as consultation analysis on our focused markets.

Our Philosophy

Netscope Solutions is committed to its customers, suppliers and employees to operate with integrity, trust and credibility.

The basic principles and values of our company’s operations are :
- Conduct a profitable, financially healthy and efficient business operation
- Go through our recent financial statement (Financial Results FY 2019)
- Built ethical, honest and strong working relationships with our customers, our partners and our suppliers,
- Treat with dignity and respect the work and personality of each and every one of our employees,

because, a company can earn its reputation with hard work over a long period of time, it can loose its reputation overnight and it is almost impossible to regain it.