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Accurate CNC, Inc. is a privately owned company located in Fort Wayne, IN. Its goal is to fulfill the need for affordable, quality, American Made, PCB prototyping machinery around the world. It specializes in the production of extremely precise, reliable and affordable desktop milling and drilling systems. Currently, the Accurate family consists of 16 models which have been perfected to ensure 100% satisfaction of all your machining needs. The machines are made exclusively in the USA and are comprised of high quality materials from the USA.

Accurate CNC manufactures the most precise PCB prototyping machines. Its absolute accuracy is better than 5 μm @ 254 mm. It measures this parameter with certified Mitutoyo glass scale. The resolution of all the models is precisely 0.1 μm (0.0039 mil). Other superiority of Accurate CNC's machines in terms of accuracy is the closed loop depth controlled technology, which ensures penetration depth accuracy +/- 1 μm.

All machines are manufactured in USA with high quality materials. They offer one year guarantee, included in the price and more as an option. They have practically lifetime software maintenance. The customer support is fast and efficient.

The most advanced machines are with fully automatic tool change and the most affordable models offer semi-automatic tool change (manual, prompted and facilitated by the software). Despite of the richness of its functionalities, the software (PhCNC) is very easy to use. For example, it offers one-click switching betIten CAM & CNC mode, automatic detection of design rules violation & forced insulation option for the problematic areas.

To add comfort to your work with the PCB prototyping systems, Accurate CNC offers various optional extras:
► Vacuum table for superior material hold and flexibility, factory installed
► Vacuum generator which can supply the table with the necessary suction power
► Acoustic cabinet for low level of noise, suitable for office environment
► Debris collecting system for dust collection and lower noise
► Silent air compressor to maintain the needed air pressure automatically
► Ring setting and removing tool – to install and remove plastic depth rings on the tools

Secure & Safe
Accurate CNC machines’ software has functionalities, allowing protection from operator’s mistakes.

Despite of the highest quality of the machines, the prices are about 20-30% lower from the ones of the main competitors. 16 models to meet every budget.

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Indicative products of Accurate CNC (click on a product's title for details): is the biggest online store of professional test and measurement instruments, for Telecommunications and IT Networks.

It operates under the management and supervision of NetScope Solutions.

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