Adept – Seekur, All-weather UGV Large Ground Robot

Seekur is a holonomic, all-weather, outdoor robot platform for outdoor security, inspection and research. Seekur's unique shape and omni-directional steering allow truly holonomic movement. This means that it can turn in its own length or even move sideways if blocked from front and behind.
With 8 -12 hours of run time and four wheel drive and independent suspension and it can cover miles and miles of terrain in a day.
The Seekur robot and all optional equipment has an extended operating temperature rating of at least -20° to 50° C
A Seekur can be made fully autonomous. Equipped with optional onboard vision processing, wireless communications, dextrous maniupulators, GPS or laser rangefinders it can handle nearly any outdoor task.

Product Features and Benefits
• Customizable - Includes mounting rails, readily accessible I/O and power ports for custom sensors and effectors. Easily accessorize by choosing from Adept MobileRobots’ line of supported and tested computers, cameras, lasers, and positioning instruments.
• Available Outdoor Navigation Package includes popular localization sensors such as GPS, IMU, laser range finder, and wheel encoder derived odometry. Included MobileRobots Outdoor Guidance System (MOGS) software library provides continuous localization, navigation, and dynamic path planning with obstacle avoidance.
• Holonomic Steering - The Seekur is capable of driving forward like an automobile, or turning in place like a differential drive robot. The vehicle can move in any direction while independently controlling its orientation. is the biggest online store of professional test and measurement instruments, for Telecommunications and IT Networks.

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