The Pioneer is the world's most popular research mobile robot. The Pioneer’s versatility, reliability and durability have made it the reference platform for robotics research. Unlike hobby and kit robots, the Pioneer includes a dedicated motion controller with encoder feedback, is fully programmable, and will last through years of tough classroom and laboratory use.
Pioneer 3 DX is a compact differential-drive mobile robot. It arrives fully assembled with embedded controller, motors with 500-tick encoders, 19cm wheels, tough aluminum body, 8 forward-facing ultrasonic (sonar) sensors, 8 optional rear-facing sonar, 1, 2 or 3 hot-swappable batteries, and Adept MobileRobots’ complete software development kit. Add an optional internal computer or your own laptop and the robot is ready to go.
Additional sensors, manipulators and other accessories are available to customize your Pioneer for your specific tasks.

Product Features and Benefits

• Easy to Use - Comes assembled and integrated with its accessory packages.
• Reliable - Construction is durable and rugged. Easily handles the small gaps, minor bumping, jarring, or other obstacles that hinder other robotic platforms. Some Pioneer robots have been in service for over 15 years.
• Pioneer Software Development Kit - All Adept MobileRobots platforms include Pioneer SDK, a complete set of robotics applications and libraries that accelerate the development of robotics projects. Pioneer SDK is backed by Adept MobileRobots’ product support team.
• Customizable - Easily accessorize by choosing from dozens of supported and tested accessories that integrate with the robotic platform. Additional help is available for future upgrades or added accessories.
• Reference Platform - Pioneer robots are a standard in intelligent mobile platforms. Search your preferred robotics journal or conference listings to find many examples of Pioneer platforms in research applications.

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