Adept–Pioneer Manipulator, Mobile Manipulator Research Platform

The Pioneer Manipulator is an integrated mobile manipulation robot based on Adept MobileRobots’ Pioneer LX research AIV (Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle). Designed to last for years of continuous service and equipped with Adept MobileRobots’ proprietary mapping and autonomous navigation software, the Pioneer LX provides an excellent building block for a mobile manipulation platform. Using laser and sonar sensors the Pioneer Manipulator will map and navigate with unrivaled sophistication.
The Pioneer Manipulator is a rugged, reliable, sophisticated robot that is purpose built for the research community and its needs. Designed to be extensively capable “out of the box” in a broad array of applications, the Pioneer Manipulator is sure to immediately enhance your new or existing program.

Product Features and Benefits
• Reliable – The Pioneer Manipulator’s mobile base is designed for continuous duty and comes with a docking station that the robot will navigate to autonomously when charging is needed. Typical run time between charging is 6-1/2 hours with all components in use. The robot can also traverse things like power cords, elevator gaps, and ramp transitions that can be troublesome to other mobile robots.
• Full suite of Adept MobileRobots’ mapping and navigation software – All Adept MobileRobots platforms include Pioneer SDK, a complete set of programs and libraries that accelerate the development of robotics applications. The Pioneer SDK includes C++ libraries and partial interfaces for ROS, Python, Java, and MATLAB. The Pioneer Manipulator also comes with Adept MobileRobots’ laser mapping and navigation software, ARNL, which will allow you to begin mapping and autonomous navigation as soon as your robot is powered up. All Adept MobileRobots’ software is backed by its product support team.
• Customizable – The Pioneer Manipulator is fully designed and fabricated by Adept MobileRobots. If your application has a specific requirement that the standard configuration will not meet simply inquire with the sales team. Adept MobileRobots has a wide variety of supported and tested accessories that can be integrated with the robotic platform for custom needs.

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