ED-OPTICS: Principles of Physical Optics

The four modules in ED-OPTICS (polarisation, reflection and refraction, diffraction, interference & coherence) examine various topics in physical optics and provide a solid grounding in the fundamental optical principles that are applied in various optical systems and instruments.

The four modules (POL, R&R, DIFF, I&C) can be supplied individually, or combined as a modular / complete package.

Experiments Examine:

Malus’ Law, Properties of half, quarter & arbitrary wave plates, States of polarisation, Strain birefringence & sensing

Reflection & Refraction
Snell’s Law, Fresnel Equations, Brewster’s Angle, Critical angle, TIR, Refractive index determination

Fraunhofer & Fresnel diffraction at slits / apertures, Reflection and transmission gratings, Laser wavelength determination

Interference and Coherence
Michelson interferometer, Optical surface quality, Optical element measurements, Laser coherence & cavity length measurements

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