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Indicative products applicable to Electric Power Systems (click on a product's title for details):

  • Typhoon HL404
    The HIL404 is the fastest HIL product ever, with 200ns simulation time step and 3.5ns digital input sampling.
  • Typhoon HL402
    HIL test and HIL certify your power electronics controllers with the industry leading hardware-in-the-loop system: HIL402
  • Typhoon HL606
    Introducing the HIL606. Now you have the speed you love from our latest 4th generation devices together with the power of our 6-series, 8-core processors, balanced with the …
  • Typhonn DSP 180
    Typhoon HIL DSP 180 Interface built for a family of Texas Instruments C2000 control cards (F28377, F28379) is the way to go if you want to accelerate the development of power …
  • Typhoon Launchpad
    HIL Launchpad Interface provides a pin-to-pin compatible interface between Typhoon HIL emulators and C2000 series Launchpads. In less than 5 minutes you can plug a HIL Launchpad …
  • Typhoon DS Interface type A+B
    If you are using MicroLabBox for rapid control prototyping, you only need a HIL dS Interface (Type-A or Type-B) and one of our ultra-high fidelity real-time HIL emulators to start …
  • Typhoon Breakout board
    There is no greater joy to a field engineer then to have his customer’s DSP control card up and running with the HIL in “real time”.
  • Typhoon HL604
    The most powerful HIL ever. With 8 processing cores, 64 analog outputs, 64 digital inputs and 8 lane gigabit/s serial link it is tailored for the most demanding Microgrid and …

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